Tyler aus den Vereinigten Staaten

Ty's Main Challenges:

Motor Planning, Sensory Processing and Apraxia. His biggest challenge is his speech, he knows what he wants to say but his brain doesn’t send the right signals to form the words.

Ty's Super Powers:

Best cuddles, biggest smile, loves to make people laugh, can navigate a dark room with no problem, is mischievous...always a step ahead of us when it comes to doing something he is not supposed to do. Ty is determined and works really hard (10 hours of therapy/week). He will not let Syngap get in a way of doing something he really wants to achieve. It will take time and lots of effort but he will get there!

Ty's Favorite Things:

Water, Music, Animals, Food (chocolate, pizza and yogurt are his top favorites), wheels and fans, trains, helicopters and fire trucks, lights, running and dancing